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The Age, 'Jill Meagher was murdered 10 years ago. Are Melbourne's streets any safer?', interview with Emily Day, Sept 22

PhD Life raft interview, 'PTSD and research' with Dr Emma Brodzinksi, 15 March 2022


'Tales of teaching online' podcast, Deakin University - episode 38, 'Designing inclusive experiences for Indigenous students', 16 December 2021

Research Professional News - 'The under-discussed impact of traumatic research' - interview with Fiona McIntyre, 5 November 2021

Feminist Book Week, October Lunch N' Learn with Dr Natalie Kon-yu

'Big questions in inclusive assessment' - CRADLE Symposium, October 23, Deakin University

'January 26' - Queen Victoria Women's Centre, January 26 2021

Sustainable Heritage Management Foundation course - Module 3 contributor, Community rights and knowledge, January 22 to February 4 2021


'Get match fit: campaigning and digital tactics' - Ellis Jones 'It's our time' campaign, 9 September 2020

'NAIDOC 2020: New Indigenous Studies units' - Deakin University webinar, July 8 2020

'After SlutWalk' - SlutWalk Melbourne, chair and host, June 18 2020

'Sanam Maher in conversation with Dr Jessamy Gleeson'  - Queen Victoria Women's Centre IWD 2020, March 4 2020


'#MeToo two years on: Critical reflections' -  University of Melbourne, October 9 2019

Presentation and discussion - Northern Mallee Leaders Program, June 17 2019

'ABC News Breakfast appearance' - ABC, April 20 2019.

'Forum on online abuse of women working in the media' - Panelist, alongside Jamila Rizvi, Sushi Das, Ginger Gorman, Janice Peterson, and Sue McAleer at RMIT University, 20 March 2019


'Explainer: What does gaslighting mean?' - The Conversation, December 6 2018

'Creating space for women: Designing for safety and power' - MPavilion, October 31 2018

Hot Chicks With Big Brains magazine - 'What does women's work look like?', article for Issue #7


Writes4Women - Podcast guest, 'Writing violence, writing change', alongside Van Badham

Feminist Writers Festival - Participating chair, appearing alongside Tara Moss and Tasneem Chopra, 'Writing Violence, Writing Change'

ABC News - 'I'm a feminist but I let my husband pay for dinner' - Interview with Lucy Robinson for a regional feminist art show

Australian International Documentary Conference - Panellist, Impact Strategy Hack: Brazen Hussies

The Age - 'Christy and Betsy join Women's March on Melbourne' - Interview with Jane Gilmore about the 2018 Women's March


'What women can do? Formal and informal responses women can employ when confronted with online abuse and harassment' - Invited speaker, 2017 Cyber Health and Safety Summit

AM Unity Magazine - 'The Day They Stood Up To Be Heard' - Interview with Thaís Sabino about the 2017 Women's March


On Feminism - 'Her Words',  an intimate and honest interview series sharing women's words 


The Huffington Post - 'What's Next for Digital Feminism?', article for All Women Everywhere month


Radio National Drive - Interview with Patricia Karvelas on RN about the #thankfortyping hashtag, and the work of women in academia

My Feed with Patricia Karvelas on RN - Jessamy Gleeson takes RN through her social media feed.

Sleepover Club - 'What is contemporary feminism?' - an interview with the Sleepover club


Archer Magazine – How to be a good slut – A piece written in the lead up to SlutWalk Melbourne’s annual fundraiser.

ABC Radio National – Is it time for a Jane Bond? Interview with Patricia Karvelas on July 28, 2016

Sheilas – July edition: When your identity isn’t so black and white – written by Jessamy Gleeson, published by Sheilas for the Victorian Women’s Trust

Sheilas – June edition: Public space is for all of us – written by Jessamy Gleeson, published by Sheilas for the Victorian Women’s Trust

BBC News interview – Facebook apologises for plus size ban: Interview with Zoe Kleinman, May 23 2016

Sheilas – May edition: For every anonymous internet troll comes an online platforming sanctioning that abuse – written by Jessamy Gleeson, published by Sheilas for the Victorian Women’s Trust

Cherchez La Femme: Feminism and the Academy – May 2, 2016 – A two hour panel discussion hosted by Jessamy, focused on the limitations and the strengths of feminism and women within an academic setting

Sheilas – April edition: Segregating our public transport – written by Jessamy Gleeson, published by Sheilas for the Victorian Women’s Trust

Femmo Babes Podcast interview – Episode 5 – Lizzie Kennedy in conversation with Jessamy Gleeson

Sheilas – March edition: Unsung Feminist Defenders – written by Jessamy Gleeson, published by Sheilas for the Victorian Women’s Trust

'The Feminine Critique: #Sl/Activism' - interview with Adriane Reardon for Farrago


#End12 Albury Forum – September 23 – A forum launched by NSW Greens member Dr Mehreen Faruqi to discuss the end of Division 12 of the NSW Crimes Act. Guest speakers include Dr Leslie Cannold, Dr Pieter Mourik, Jessamy Gleeson, and Meg Whitelaw

Invited speaker at Women's Health Loddon Mallee - October 15 2015 - as featured in the Bendigo Advertiser

'Defiance, Feminism, Empathy: The Endurance and Evolution of SlutWalk in Australia' - featured in an article by Meg Watson for Junkee magazine

Statement of support for #End12 - as featured on Rights to Privacy Albury

How To Behave – an art installation for Melbourne Fringe Festival by Izzy Roberts-Orr – featuring Jessamy Gleeson

Spook Magazine - Jessica Alice, September 3 – Chrissie Hynde and victim blaming: SlutWalk still as relevant as ever – An interview with Jessamy Gleeson

3RRR FM – Hullabaloo, September 2

Women’s Agenda – Jane Gilmore, August 27 – Why SlutWalk is still needed in 2015 (even if you don’t like the word) – An interview with Jessamy Gleeson.

The F Word – Channel 31, August 24 – Feminism and backlash


ABC News – November 13. GamerGate: female gamers threatened with rape, murder, as online row grows

The World Today – ABC News, October 23, Gamergate: female video game developers threatened with rape, murder

ABC PM – ABC National, October 17, Gamergate and online harassment

ABC 702 Sydney – ABC, 26 September, Gamergate and feminist activism

ABC Central Victoria – ABC News, July 9 – What would a girl know? Lots, actually


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