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Because young white men still feel the need to tell me how I can best run SlutWalk more effectively, so it includes more men

Because there are so many other privileged voices in society – in the media, in academia – that try and tell me, and other feminists, how we could run things better

Because we need to keep trying to make feminism as inclusive as possible, whilst still recognising that power and privilege sometimes mean that some people in positions of power and privilege need to be quiet and listen

Because being talked over by those who perceive that they can “do it better” is awful

Because the word “slut” is a still a word that’s apparently up for debate

Because victim blaming still happens, and we’re still being told that what a person was doing when they were assaulted or raped is somehow relevant

Because society still doesn’t understand the concept and power and *necessity* of enthusiastic consent

Because being around other people that truly “get” what SlutWalk is about (read: it’s about not tolerating victim blaming and slut shaming) is such a powerful feeling. The difference between what I see portrayed in the media about SlutWalk, and what I actually *know* about the march, are two very different things.

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